Focaccia With Caramelized Onion Makes Father Proud

What father doesn’t take pride in his children, and especially when the son starts to enjoy the same skills. And bread baking is a good passion to share.

With the exception of creating an acid based starter using the Bread Drink (which apparently is no longer going to be available in the US, with the death of the company founder), my son Diallo has taken this recipe and run with it. He has added more whole grain and prefers a poolish rather than the biga, but he follows closely the multifold time table.

The results are a very rich tasting, spongy and porous crumb. His basic topping for the moment–and photographed here–is a marinara sauce, topped with caramelized onions* and fresh Mozzarella cheese from our favorite booth neighbor at the Barton Creek Farmers’ Market, Mike of Full Quiver.

He bakes hotter and longer than I would and likes to singe the top and the sides. But the great thing about bread in general, and Focaccia in particular, is that it accommodates all kinds of variations.

* Slowly cook thinly-sliced onions in butter or olive oil until most of the onion juice has evaporated and the onions have turned golden brown.

focaccia with caramelized onion
focaccia with caramelized onion
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