Chocolate Focaccia Recipe

George Eckrich shares his fantastic Focaccia Bread Recipe

And now he talks about Chocolate Focaccia?

I’m a bit skeptical. On the other hand, George is a no-nonsense guy who knows what he’s doing. And, after all, bread and chocolate is a classic combination. Look here what’s out there…

Well, George told me about his plans when we chatted at the farmers market, last weekend. So I asked him to write a blurb for our blog, and, if possible, send a picture of his experiment:

Chocolate Focaccia
Chocolate Focaccia

“A baker friend alerted me to a posted recipe for a fruit focaccia. As strange as it sounds, focaccia made with the smaller champagne grapes and topped with coarse sugar are fairly common in the grape regions.”

“This got me thinking about the classic bread and chocolate. I was going to top the bread with chocolate at the beginning of the bake, but my chocolatier friend, Chef Keem , suggested that I should do it at the end of the bake. In his words, burnt chocolate is not particularly pleasant. I took his advise and only dotted the bread during the last 5 minutes of the bake, when I had turned the oven temperature down to 425 degrees.”

This is the brand I used: El Rey dark chocolate, 61% Mijao

“I wanted to have some background herb flavor, so I went with the classic topping of rosemary, olive oil and kosher salt. I am going to continue experimenting with this idea and with other background flavors, and I invite any other baker to post their ideas here.”

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